Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Because I should be working on my project for NaNo, I'm updating here. Makes perfect sense!

Tomorrow (November 11th) is Veterans Day. Many places in America will observe the holiday with reduced business hours, a moment of silence, or a sale. Places in Canada, the UK, Australia, and so on will also no doubt practice similar customs.

In Korea, people celebrate by giving each other Pocky knock-offs.

"Peppero" is a product of the Korean megacorporation "Lotte." They deny instigating the holiday, but frankly, I call shenanigans.

The idea behind Peppero Day is that you give peppero candy to your spouse, friends, teachers, boy/girlfriend, etc. Why November eleventh? Because the written date (11/11) looks like a bunch of Peppero sticks. Some people buy them, some people make their own.

Peppero day has quickly become another romance-oriented "Hallmark holiday." Bakeries and convenience stores all have temporary Peppero displays, and some brands have special "Peppero Day" packaging with hearts, ribbons, and frills printed on them. That makes not one, not two, but three couples' days in the calendar year in Korea: Valentine's Day (February 14th), White Day (March 14th) and Peppero Day (November 11th).

I got two boxes of pepperos today from students I won't have tomorrow; with any luck some more will share their leftovers with me on Thursday. But my classes tomorrow are my crappier, less affectionate classes (by and large), so I don't expect anything from them.

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