Friday, June 26, 2009

You can't steal my thunder, Michael Jackson.

One of the things I always liked about my job at Lost River Caverns (among other things, of course!) was that you were guaranteed a cake and an impressive rendition of "Happy Birthday" on your natal day. I wouldn't want to work at a place that didn't bother to stop and celebrate your birthday.

Sherlock Academy did not disappoint—my partner teacher bought a blueberry (!) cake (complete with candles) and a cute little card, and my students sang "Happy Birthday" (in English). I also picked up some adorable birthday presents, including a necklace, a miniature notebook, a plastic folding fan, and candy. One of my students gave me a shoulder rub, and another made a sign that said "I want presents" and taped it to my back.

After work, all the foreigners and a few of the Koreans went out for 닭갈비 (dak galbi), complete with soju and beer. One of the Korean teachers mentioned to me that a class I started teaching for her recently (to cover the gap between one teacher leaving and another teacher arriving) likes me a lot. "They think you're really kind," were her exact words. "They liked Conor, too, but they said sometimes he frightened them."

Too bad I have to hand them over next week.

But I should be getting a birthday package tomorrow! After more customs bullshit than was necessary. Still—better an arrival at my door on Saturday instead of having to wait until Monday.


  1. sounds like a good day ..... and another package should arrive about Tuesday (soap, DVD, book) --- valued under $100

  2. Speaking of your birthday, I thought "what can I get my daughter, who loves her father so much that her gift for father's day was not being home?" Nothing is too good for my lil dude. That's it, I'll get her nothing. Of course I am paying her charge card bill so she doesn't get late charges and a poor credit rating, but I'm sure in her world that is meaningless. Happy Birthday Lil Dude.

  3. You think too little of me. If a bad credit reading and financial matters were meaningless in my world, I would have maxed out both of my cards before I left for Korea. No, thankfully I have a responsible father who taught me to only buy what I could afford and to pay my bills on full and in time. You can bill me for however much it was when I get home. (Since I only used my Visa over here while I was in Indonesia, out of cash and unable to use my Korean debit card. I don't anticipate having to use it again.)

  4. Why thank you for the parenting compiment