Sunday, June 7, 2009

More Movie Madness

It turns out Bong Joon-Ho (director of one of the movies I mentioned in the previous entry, The Host) has a new movie out: Mother, or 마더 in Hangul. I saw posters for this the last time I was at the THC 9 cinema in Uijeongbu and thought, "Hm, that might be good." Korea4Expats confirms that it's currently playing at select theaters in Seoul with English subtitles (along with Thirst, do I want to see it again? Yes!).

Of course, Star Trek is still out in theaters too—the same theaters that show the English-subtitled pieces. From what I understand, movies that come with a lot of American backstory (like Star Trek) aren't popular here because most Koreans aren't familiar with said backstory. The THC 9 is out in Uijeongbu, not that many foreigners to be had. But in Seoul proper there are a lot more Americans, and so those theaters benefit from long runs of just those movies. Maybe they even have the American release of Up?

But more to the point: Mother next weekend. Woooo!

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