Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Remember that time I went to Indonesia?

Chris went and uploaded the pictures from his camera, which are plentiful and awesome:

Chris at Prambanan.

There are four big temples at Prambanan, and countless little side ones like this. No windows, so I assume things were done by torches. At this point I was investigating the rock and trying to figure out what it was, exactly—some kind of igneous rock, for sure. I wish the Internet would tell me, but I can't find that kind of information on Prambanan anywhere and YEAH ROCKS ARE REALLY INTERESTING AREN'T THEY.

Giant flower.

Prambanan overlooks the stage for the Ranayama ballet.

Being wheelchair-bound doesn't stop this Javanese fellow from his motorbike.

At Borobudur.

The parade!! Pictured is a traveling gamelan. An Indonesian marching band, kind of.

Chris destroyed me at Carcasonne. Also, check out my post-parade sunburn.

Part of the procession included kids in these masks. When they move their mouth, the mouth of the mask moves too—I guess they have something in their mouth attached to the mask. Best for last; this is my absolute favorite picture from the whole trip.


  1. Uh...that shadowed pic is actually you. Pretty sure.

  2. Yeah, I didn't say it wasn't. =P