Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Crafts and Plans

Two weeks ago, I went back to Dongdaemun with my friend Winnie (a Chinese-Canadian girl) and found me some more beads. Most of the ones pictured are wood, except for the ones in "cool" colors. Those are artificial, though what material exactly I'm not sure. Acrylic? Polymer? All of those, plus three feet of chain in bronze/copper/something that's not a silver or gold analogue, matching jump rings, crimp beads and head pins, and a cell phone charm dangle—seven USD.

One of my college friends will arrive in a few days for a visit. I'm looking forward to that for the obvious reasons (haven't seen him since right after graduation), but also because there's a lot in Korea that people miss out on because they don't think of it as a tourist destination and I'm happy to play host at places "off the beaten track," as it were. (Considering what I did at Lost River Caverns, that seems to be something of a theme in my life.) I'm starting to put together an agenda: so far I'm thinking N Seoul Tower, the COEX Aquarium, and maybe the Everland Zoo (to see the ligers!).

Pictures and stories forthcoming.

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