Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hit and run post number two.

Cell phones (aka handphones) are really commonplace here in Korea, and for one of my students NOT to own one would be an anomaly. Maybe it's also like that back home and it's just that I've been out of American schools too long, but it's a bit weird at first. Especially when most of my students have a nicer cell phone than I do.

One of my students yesterday—a new girl named Lily—asked for my number, and I obliged. Having your teacher's cell phone number seems to be pretty standard, here; Mina will occasionally get texts from one of our students, either saying that they'll be late or whatever else. Plus she's a sweet girl and not going to, say, call me at 3 in the morning for shits and giggles.

Just an hour ago, I got a text from Lily: "Teacher!! It's Lily. What do you do now??"

"Hi Lily! I'm cleaning my apartment. ^-^"

"Oh!! Good teacher and clean teacher!"

This is the most adorable thing that will happen to me for the rest of the week, pretty much.


  1. All this talk of going into Seoul, cleaning the apartment, eating, partying etc. when do you ever do lesson plans?

  2. I lesson plan at work. It's not all that involved.

  3. ahaha, this made me laugh. you are brave for giving out your number... ! gotta love the "what do you do now??" haha