Friday, March 16, 2012

Min-ji, continued:

Back when Min-ji's class was reading and talking about NYC, I asked them to work in teams to come up with reasons why either Seoul or NYC is the best place to visit. Min-ji and her partner, Kristin, had Seoul.

"Korean food is very delicious," she suggested to Kristin (more on Kristin in another post). Kristin enthusiastically agreed and they started listing delicious Korean food. This class is pretty late in the day so food comes up a lot no matter what the subject is. Everyone always seems to be hungry, myself included.

"Ddeok bokki!"



"Boshin—" but Min-ji caught herself before finishing. (Boshintang, as you may or may not recall, is dog meat stew.)

"Why not? Boshintang is very delicious," I suggested.

"Really? Teacher? You had boshintang?"

"One time. It was good."

The look on Min-ji's face was a mix of surprise and...not quite anger. Admonishment. Scolding. "Teacher, that is terrible. You shouldn't eat it. I have a dog!"

"But your dog isn't the kind of dog that's in boshintang, is it?"

"No, but that's still bad. My dad really likes boshintang, but my mom says he can't eat it now."

"Well, it was a long time ago. I'm probably not going to have it again."


And then back to work.

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