Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Korea's Hawaii

The last summer vacation I had was sprung on me without much notice, so I stayed in Seoul. This time around, I'm definitely ready to get the heck out of Dodge, so I have tickets booked to see Jeju—a destination that's been on my Korean bucket list since forever. Most people go for the hilariously obscene Love Land, but for me the biggest attraction is:


That's an aside, though. 

I am a schizophrenic traveler. I hate traveling alone but socializing at hostels freaks me out. I need to know where and when I am going nearly years in advance, but I'll gladly make up my itinerary as I go along. An ideal vacation for me is one where I could somehow read on the beach and explore the entire city at the same time.

I leave on Thursday for my vacation. In no particular order, here are my goals:

  • Lava tubes!
  • At least one good beach day.
  • A black pork dinner.
  • A jjimjilbang (another Korean bucket list item is to visit as many of these as possible).
  • Udo Island.
  • Love Land.
We'll see how many I accomplish. The weather is supposed to be beautiful the whole time I'm there, so even if I don't accomplish anything on the list, I'll probably have a great time.

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