Saturday, August 6, 2011

Visit Seoul With Yorae

I managed to stumble upon promotional material from the Seoul Metropolitan Government, presumably to entice foreigners to come to Korea (for vacation?) or to try to educate the foreigners that already live here. It's...interesting. Yorae learns about makgeolli, for example, which she says is the liquor most representative of Korea.

Really? Makgeolli, and not the little green bottle?

That aside, take a look at how the Seoul Metro Government goes about trying to sell makgeolli:

The healthy, traditional Korean alcohol, makgeolli! A variety of factors make makgeolli popular, but its nutritional value is one of the main factors. The health benefits of this drink give it an advantage over many other alcoholic beverages.

1. Nutrient-rich ingredients
You’ll find at least 10 amino acids and an abundance of proteins in makgeolli. It also contains 1.9% protein content, compared to 3% in milk, as well as vitamin B.

2. Helps in cancer prevention and menopause
Makgeolli has been found to be effective in preventing liver damage, cancer and helps with menopausal disorders. It’s recommended that you shake well before you drink so that you get the nutrients found in the chunks that settle to the bottom of the makgeolli.

3. Excellent skin care
Makgeolli promotes healthy blood circulation. Also, organic acids found in the drink, such as lactic acid, malic acid, tartaric acid, and others, help revitalize your metabolism and clean out wastes that accumulate in your body. In addition, the yeast found in makgeolli helps relieve constipation.

Health benefits? Really now? That's why people drink? Imagine if Sam Adams tried to bill itself on relieving constipation and "promoting healthy blood circulation."

The Korean currency one is kind of cute and interesting, but some of the others are a bit more surreal and scattershot. You can find them all here. They're way too long (and big) for me to post even a selection here (each entire "episode" is one giant image instead of a few smaller ones), but here's a sample of the art style:

If nothing else, it's reading material for down time.

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