Friday, May 29, 2009

Singing & Songwriting

Inspired by Chris' album about being a bule in Indonesia (Bov and the Champs, "Attack of the Makassaur"), I've been sitting on an idea for a similar weigukin one: "We Coo', Ken." Song premises/titles so far are:

(Just) Put it in Your Mouth
Ode to Itaewon
Lament of the Engrishee Teacher
You Never Say "Il Chon Won"
Saturdays in Sinchon

Others are on the way.


  1. what are you doing up at 7AM on a saturday???

    and, why do you want to see UP? balloons, no?

  2. Uh I'm pretty sure the time stamp on this post is completely wrong, I wrote this at about midnight on Friday.

    Pixar > Balloons