Sunday, June 10, 2012


Great blog entry about attachments and being an expat.

So you look at your life, and the two countries that hold it, and realize that you are now two distinct people. As much as your countries represent and fulfill different parts of you and what you enjoy about life, as much as you have formed unbreakable bonds with people you love in both places, as much as you feel truly at home in either one, so you are divided in two. For the rest of your life, or at least it feels this way, you will spend your time in one naggingly longing for the other, and waiting until you can get back for at least a few weeks and dive back into the person you were back there. It takes so much to carve out a new life for yourself somewhere new, and it can’t die simply because you’ve moved over a few time zones. The people that took you into their country and became your new family, they aren’t going to mean any less to you when you’re far away.
This.  This is pretty much the story of my life. Part of me never wants to leave Korea, or at least not for a long, long time.  Part of me never wants to leave my job at home. Part of me never wants to be away from  The Boy again. Wherever I go, something's missing. It's incredibly schizophrenic.

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