Thursday, May 17, 2012

Teacher's Day Aftermath

Wow, apparently I've been away! I have no excuse other than a sense of feeling very busy and hectic, though my schedule isn't really any more or less terrible than normal.

Anyway, it was Teacher's Day on Tuesday, and naturally I am obligated to share with you my haul. It is, to be honest, more and nicer than what I was expecting (nothing).

While in high school, Teacher's Day may actually be about thoughtful gestures from the students themselves, with younger ones it seems much more like a parental thing. It's hard to tell, because this is my first Teacher's Day here in Korea (in 2009 I was in Indonesia, remember?).

I have to say, the parents at this school are definitely much more considerate and thoughtful than at either Cassandra or Sherlock; I'd say on a monthly basis food or soy milk juice boxes appear on the table in the teacher's room, from so-and-so's mother, and not for any particular reason that I can discern (Teacher's Day, midterms, etc). They didn't disappoint on Teacher's Day, either: the food fairy left us donuts, grape juice boxes, and these delicious and addictive and void of nutritional content crispy salty rice rolls.

Anyway, I'm sure that the flower and the chocolates (from the same student) are less from a student and more from a parent. Likewise with the orange leopard print silk scarf (though maybe the student picked it out). It's not my normal style but I like the bright color. I'm thinking about switching this with the similar, but much less cheerful, silk scarf I have covering my eyesore of a TV I never use.

I do burn incense on it, though (as you can see in the photo) and I don't like to accidentally ruin gifts. Shit I buy for myself, on the other hand? Fair game!

Also note my ghetto-fab "vase" aka "water bottle with some washi tape." I can't tell if it looks cute, or if I look like a douchebag hipster "upcycled crafting" type.

Just for the lulz, here's some teaching-related stuff on Etsy my fellow teachers may enjoy, appreciate, and/or laugh at.

'Teacher's Day!' by Kokoba


















  1. Man, teaching in Korea is like a relationship. First year at this job? I was showered with gifts for Teacher's Day -- wine, gift certificates, flowers, choco pies.

    Now, in my third year at this gig, I'm chopped liver.

    I got a baby cactus and a single Homeplus gift certificate.

    Familiarity breeds contempt I guess.

    1. Bwahah~, obviously they think the better gift to you is the joy of their presence! Or whatever.