Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Family Pictures

I will be quiet around here again, for a little bit. This time, I will be writing a novel instead of working at a crappy school, so don't worry! My silence means good things! But since today was the first day at my new school, I wanted to share the highlights of my "getting to know you" day. I showed them photos of my friends and family and important places back home. Two pictures in particular I want to pick out.  

This me and my family on Thanksgiving. Clockwise, starting with the person who is very obviously my grandmother: my Mom-mom, me, my brother, my mom, my dad, my Uncle Steve, and my cousin Haley. (Not pictured is Aunt Donna, my mom's sister.)   A pretty textbook "American" picture. Everyone knew it was my family, my older students knew it was Thanksgiving. Then I asked them if they could guess who's who.  Every single student who saw this picture was convinced of two things. One, that my brother was my father. Two, that my father was my grandfather.

 Before they saw that one, though, I showed my kids this one.

This me and the boy on a springtime cruise to Helsinki.  I asked them: "Who is this?"  A not insignificant number replied, in all earnestness: "Your mother and father."

My lifestyle must be aging me faster than I realize!

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