Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Landed, Part 2

I've more or less established myself in Bundang. Unfortunately, as it's only my first full day here, I lack an alien card and am thus barred from important things like a phone or my own internet. (People in Bundang are much smarter about WEP-encrypting their connections, and I ironically need an Internet connection to get the WEP-cracking program I would normally use. =P) At least I still have a bank account and debit card!

So happy birthday to me, I get to spend it in this PC-bang and then at the hospital and then (maybe) training.

Bundang is definitely a bit more happening than the sleepy old 'bu. Which isn't necessarily a good OR bad thing. Just different. It will take some adjustment.


  1. and happy birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!

    i know you will enjoy it - better than being in PA

  2. So...I guess you've gone back, huh?