Saturday, September 5, 2009

Lord bless Charlie Mops, the man who invented beer.

Song lyric #3 in the title post, courtesy of Bard's Tale.

Today I and a few coworkers and some non-coworker friends hopped in a van and drove out to Pocheon, a city even further north than Uijeongbu, to check out a little Korean brewery that was supposed to be amazing. And it was.

Note the "mood" setting on the light. If this van's a-rockin'...

The drive was upwards of forty minutes, during which we mostly thought about how damn good some freshly not-Cass or not-Hite would be. We also stopped at McDonald's on the way. I had a Flurry and a large fry, a decision I would later regret on the ride back home. Six months away from the US and I had forgotten why I stopped eating fast food.

The ride was also absolutely scenic, as I-dong brewery is set more or less in the mountains outside of Pocheon. The view was spectacular.

You have to call ahead and make a reservation; I assume that if no one calls they just don't open it up. We were the only ones there today.

What a motley crew.

And here it is: a 5,000 won beer, fresh and dark. Totally worth it.

We spent a while afterwards milling about, talking, and taking pictures. You could hear the yelping of dogs in the distance—no doubt being raised for food nearby. Just in case we forgot that we were in Korea.


  1. no details on the ride home and the Mickey D regret? (or would it be TMI)

  2. Oh it was just a bad stomach ache. Nothing a little kimchi couldn't cure!

  3. What? How could you possibly say no to McDonald's Ice Cream?