Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fight For Your Right to (Snack) Party

Snack parties are a tradition at Sherlock Academy: every time a class finishes a textbook, they have an "achievement test" (aka a final), and then we have the option of having snack parties—a completely useless class where you just eat food and play (English) games.

One of my favorite classes had one today, though they are also one of my more high maintenance classes and always leave me exhausted. Hyperactive 10-year-olds will do that to you.

The kid in the back looks depressed because he failed the achievement test and has to repeat the textbook again. Also because the other kids kind of don't like him.

Boys on one side, girls on another.

They mob me constantly in class. But I like them, so it's okay.

Unfortunately, I'll have to send some of the smarter ones to a new class they're starting soon. So this is the last time this class will ever be together like this.