Monday, April 27, 2009

Polishing the...Eggs?

Sometimes the students make little gifts of things, I think I mentioned this before. For my students at least, it's not unheard of for them to let me have a bit of their candy or food, if they bring some to class. Pictures of K-Pop stars also seems to be one that's popular—we have a miniature K-Pop wall of fame in the teacher's office, all courtesy of the students.

Their parents, also, will give us presents. I think it's just the mothers that do this. South Korea is still a nation of single-income families, for the most part, and so the mothers are a bit more involved with their children's lives than they would be in the states. One of the teachers saw one of his students with her mother outside the school, and the mother immediately presented him with a carton of strawberries off the back of a truck (fruit vendors operating from vehicles like this is pretty commonplace here).

Today, Mina and I got about two dozen eggs (eggs aren't sold by the dozen here, but by the tens and fives) from the mother of two of our students. Or rather, she gave them to her sons to give to us. Not just any eggs, either—the first batch, which I guess is fresher or better or something? Two of them just made me a delicious cheese omelette. Mmm.

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