Thursday, February 26, 2009

Into the Wild Blue Yonder

Come Sunday, I'll be packing my bags for the town of Uijeoungbu, South Korea, to spend a year teaching English. What does this have to do with philosophy or creative writing? Not all that much. Alas, all of the philosophy factories seem to be closed these days.

I'd like to have some career prospects before I move in with my long-suffering boyfriend in Sweden, and the best career prospect I can imagine for myself as an immigrant is teaching English. All of the posts I could find, however, stated that prior classroom experience was necessary—a bit of an obnoxious speed bump. But through the magic of the Internet, I was able to find a Canadian recruitment agency that specialized in sending people to South Korea as English teachers with nothing more than a B.A. under their belt. Perfect for me! After a year or two in Uijeoungbu, I'll get settled in Stockholm and start working on my Great American Philosophical Treatise and Novel and become the next Robert Pirsig, and you can all talk about how you knew me way back when.

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  1. Robert Pirsig? Is he a someone? A famous?
    You creative writing people. Or philosophy people. Or whatever he is. Probably not a Korean person though.

    For your amusement:
    Words that rhyme with drivel: swivel
    Can't think of any others.

  2. He's a someone who wrote "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance," a book people never stop recommending to me when they find out I was an ENG CRW/Philosophy double-major.

    It's an infuriating book and I kind of can't stand it.