Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Queen's Classroom: The Only K-Drama Worth Watching

Okay, maybe not entirely true, but never before has television moved me to tears. To tears!

I usually dislike television and that goes double for K-dramas. The last K-drama I tried to watch was 꽃보다 남자 (which just goes to show how often I could be roused to give a shit), and I couldn't even finish. 여왕의 교실, though, I would marathon until the wee hours of the morning. Here is what is good about it:

1. The kid actors actually look like real people instead of Botox'd and plastic surgery'd automatons.
2. The kid actors also aren't awful and awkward in their acting (but maybe I couldn't tell because I was too busy reading subtitles).
3. The kid characters are well-developed and a lot like actual kids. Anyone who's been in the kiddie hagwon business will recognize a few of their own students in the show. I know I did.
4. Satisfying character arcs for everyone, kids as well as adults.

All 16 episodes are available (with subtitles) here: